HR / Recruitment & Executive Search

Identifying the best possible candidates for your company can be achieved through Executive Search.

Together, we can define a specific job description for the position you are seeking and directly approach the market to find the right candidates that match your defined budget.

We provide this service throughout the Middle East region, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, and more.


We provide services in 3 broad areas:

  • Recruitment and Executive Search Services;
  • HR Consulting and Advisory Services;
  • HR Process Outsourcing services.


Our team has extensive experience in recruitment, executive search, and headhunting throughout the GCC, Levant, Turkey, Europe, and Africa. We conduct a thorough search throughout the GCC and neighbouring markets to ensure that we identify candidates who meet 100% of the client’s requirements.

The search is performed in such steps:

  • Upon receiving instructions and job requirements from the client.
  • Identifying potential candidates and shortlisting them according to the assigned mandate.
  • We will present the client with a minimum of three shortlisted and verified profiles for each role.
  • Coordinate the interview process by receiving the list of shortlisted/approved candidates from the client.
  • As and when required by the client, we will conduct assessments or reference checks.
  • Assist the CLIENT in coordinating the acceptance of the selected candidate’s offer and their joining process.
  • We will leverage our extensive personal networks and existing databases to ensure that the client has access to the best selection pool of candidates.

Operation-oriented services in the Middle East and other Countries