Market Study

Qualitative, Quantitative, Consumer Surveys

In business, every decision count. Hence, making decisions plays a vital role in determining its success. With a market study to back you up, you can confidently decide whether you want to pursue a new location or invest in new technology. We offer a wide range of services for Market Studies: Overview of the selected market, gathering of information related to market competition, product pricing, promotion and potential product or service distribution. We design research strategies tailored to the specific needs of the clients. We are also capable of collating information about market regulations and the required steps for any approval.

Conducted to aggregate prospective customers into smaller groups with similar interest and identifiable characteristics to identify and evaluate potential target markets.

Analyzing the desire of customer on buying products from a particular seller. This is a key to understanding customer commitment and loyalty.

Concept test studies are appropriate in the initial screening of new product idea or design prior to its release. It aims to evaluate the market acceptability, likelihood of purchase and gather ideas and recommendations from prospective customers.

Understanding usage situations including how, when and where the product is used. It may include a real or virtual pantry audit.

Product positioning analysis is done through comparing a product or a brand relative to its competition. It often compares the attributes and benefits that make up the product. The analysis associated with this type of study is often a multidimensional preference analysis (Multidimensional Scaling). Product positioning analysis is sometimes termed “Best Practices” studies and focus on the question of “How does the market view us relative to the competition?”

It deals with the study of the commercial value of the product that is derived from consumers’ perceptions of its brand name. It relies on brand awareness, brand quality, brand associations and brand loyalty measures.

Estimates of demand elasticity, optimal price points, and prices above or below equilibrium. Estimates for different product-service segments or usage situations.

Operation-oriented services in the Middle East and other Countries